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Create the most powerful people search service in the world and give it away for free.

That's our mission statement here at TruePeopleSearch.com. We want to make finding lost friends & family as easy as possible. We noticed the other free people search sites out there weren't very powerful, and the most powerful sites were too expensive. We wanted the best of both worlds! So we created this site for everyone to use for free. It's super powerful. You can find just about anyone in the US. And it's really easy to use. It works equally well on your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Who We Are

TruePeopleSearch.com was founded by a few tech veterans in 2017. What, so recently you say? Well, our founders have actually been involved in the people search space for over 20 years, this is just our latest and definitely greatest creation.

Clean programmer's desk
One of our elite programmer's workstations. Notice the extremely necessary 3 monitors and the excessive quantity of caffeinated beverages (Monster and coffee??).
Clean programmer's desk
A well-hydrated and fed worker is a happy worker. Behold, our beautiful vending machines, serving free drinks and snacks all day long! Some of them are even healthy!
Clean programmer's desk
All work and no play makes us pretty crazy (or even dull, you might say). So sit back and relax for a few in our lounge! Video games anyone?

You Made it to the Bottom!

No need to continue reading, start searching! Find your old classmates, neighbors or roommates. Have a long lost family member? You will find them here! Using an online dating app and want to make sure you're not being scammed? Search now. No limits, search for as many people as you want!

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